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The terms given below denote the following:

DFA  : District Football Association
BFF  : Bangladesh Football Federation
FIFA  : Federation Internationale de Football Association
IFAB  : International Football Association Board
AFC  : Asian Football Confederation
Div. FA : Divisional Football Association
DSA  : District Sports Association
SAFF : South Asian Football Federation
BOA  : Bangladesh Olympic Association
NSC  : National Sports Council

( 1 )

  In conformity with the FIFA Standard Statutes adopted by Bangladesh Football Federation the Statutes of District Football Association has been constituted.

Article-1 (Name and Area of Authority)
  This statutes shall be called “Statutes of District Football Association”.

  The area of authority of DFA shall cover the entire territory of the concerned administrative District.

Article-2 (Definition)
  District Football Association shall be called “District Football Association” of the administrative District.

Article-3 (Flag and Logo)
  The District Football Association shall have its own Flag and Logo which shall be approved by the Congress.

Article-4 (Head Quarter)
  The Head Quarter of the District Football Association shall be preferably located at the Sports Complex or stadium premises of the District. 

Article-5 (Objectives)
5.1  To plan and organise related activities to develop the standard and expansion of football.
5.2  To plan and organise football activities at the district.
5.3  To assist and advice the clubs and organisation to regularize football activities.
5.4  To advice and develop football activities at the school and college level.
5.5  To plan and coordinate to develop women football of the district.

Article-6 (Functions)
6.1  To develop the standard of football of the District.
6.2  To organise League and other tournaments regularly.
6.3 To organise hunting programme to get talented footballers.
6.4 To organise Inter sub-district Football Competition every year.
6.5 To prepare district football team and participate in the competition organised by BFF.
6.6 To collect fund for DFA.
6.7 To ensure discipline amongst the members.
6.8 To help distressed players and organizers.
6.9 To form standing committees and formulate terms & references.
6.10 To publish books and periodicals on football.
6.11 To comply with the instruction and standing order of BFF.
( 2 )

Article-7 (Affiliated organs)
  Clubs/Organisations participating in League which satisfy the criteria for membership may apply for affiliation. Member association shall pay subscription fees Tk. 300.00 per year. The defaulting members in paying subscription for consecutive 2 (two) years shall be suspended.

Article-8 (Relationship with National Organisation)
  The District Football Association shall be affiliated both with the respective Divisional Football Association and Bangladesh Football Federation and shall function independently.

Article-9 (Congress and Executive Committee)
  Every District Football Association shall have General Council (Congress) and Executive Committee.

Article-10 (Congress)
  The Congress of the District Football Association shall be composed of its members as under:-

10.1  District superintendent of Police (observer).
10.2  Additional Deputy Commissioner-General (observer).
10.3  All the Premier and 1st Division Clubs affiliated with DFA shall have one delegate each in the congress. The top 6 (six) clubs from the 2nd Division and the top 4 (four) clubs from the 3rd Division affiliated with DFA based on the latest league standing shall have one delegate each in the Congress.
10.4  Two representatives from the District Sports Association.
10.5  One representative of each Upazila Sports Association and Upazila Football Association.
10.6  Two representatives from the District Women’s Sports Association.
10.7  District Sports Officer (observer).
10.8  District Education Officer (observer).
10.9  One doctor nominated by the Civil Surgeon (observer).
10.10 National Awardee football organiser and player, if any in the jurisdiction of the respective District.
10.11 One representative from the regional Olympic Associations, if any (observer).
10.12 One representative from Pouroshava/City Corporation of District Head Quarter.
10.13 One representative from the District Football Referees’ Association.
10.14 One representative from the District Football Coaches Association.
10.15 Two nominees of the President of BFF from amongst the Sponsors/Elites to support football activities.
( 3 )

(a) Irrespective of number of delegates in the congress, the affiliated member shall have only one vote.
(b) The observing member shall have no voting right and they shall not contest in the election.
(c)   The Deputy Commissioner of the respective District shall be Chief Patron of DFA.
(d)   The Superintendent of Police of the respective District shall be patron of DFA.

Article-11 (Executive Committee)
  The General Secretary and the Joint Secretary shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of District Football Association. The Joint Secretary however shall not be member of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee of the DFA shall be composed of:-

  1. President  - 1 (elected)
  2. Vice-President - 2 (elected)
  3. Treasurer  - 1 (elected)
  4. Members  - 9 (elected)
  5. General Secretary - Ex.-Officio (No voting right)

Members holding governmental position shall not contest election in any position of the Executive Committee.

Article-12 (Standing Committees)
1. League Committee
2. Inter Upazila championship organising committees.
3. Disciplinary Committee
4. Appeal Committee
5. Referees Committee
6. Development Committee
7. Medical Committee
8. Women’s Committee
9. Player’s Status Committee
10. Tournament Committee
11. Finance Committee
12. Any other committee as deemed necessary.

N.B. Each Committee shall be composed of maximum 7 (seven) members headed by a chairman. The General Secretary shall act as Secretary of all the Committees.
( 4 )

Article-13 (Meetings)
13.1 The Congress of the DFA shall be organised once in every two years. The Congress shall be called with a notice of clear 21 days. The meeting of the Executive Committee shall be called with a notice of 7 days and in case of emergency 24 Hours.
13.2 The presence of 2/3 members in the congress and 1/3 members in ExCo Meeting shall form Quorum. The meeting of emergency nature shall not need Quorum.
13.3 The decisions of the meeting shall be taken on the verdict of the members present. However, if there remains a tie on the voting, the president shall use casting vote to reach a decision.
13.4 The annual budget of the DFA shall be placed before the congress by the Treasurer for approval.

Article-14 (Election)
 14.1 The election of the Executive Committee shall be held on the expiry of 4 year’s term.
  The Congress comprising of the members of the District Football Association shall elect the Executive Committee.
14.2  Two months prior to the expiry of the outgoing committee, the Executive Committee shall sit and decide on a specific agenda to fix the date of the election under intimation to BFF. In the same meeting the Executive Committee shall form an Independent Election Commission, headed by Chief Election Commissioner and two commissioners. The Election Commission shall prepare the election schedule to hold the election within the prescribed date.
14.3 The Members of the congress shall cast vote to elect the Executive Committee. Each Member shall be entitled to cast one vote for every position. Any member suspended by BFF shall not be allowed to participate in the voting or contest in the election.
14.4 The Executive Committee shall be elected by secret ballot. Candidate obtaining simple majority shall be declared elected. However, if there remains any tie between two or more candidates the president shall use casting vote (if the president is not a candidate for any position) to break the tie. If the president is debarred to use casting vote in that case fresh election shall be organised to break the tie.

Article-15 (Function and responsibility of the Office Bearers)
A) President
1. He shall preside over the Congress and the meeting of the Executive Committee.
2.  He shall convene the Congress and ExCo.
( 5 )

3.  He shall appoint the employees of the association in consultation with the Executive Committee.
4.  He shall appoint any person from the General Council to any vacancy of the ExCo.
5. He may empower any Vice-President to dispose off specially entrusted responsibility.

B) Vice-President
  In absence of the President, the Vice-President whose name will be placed on the top of the two shall preside over the meeting and also act to dispose off the day-to-day works of the President.

C) Treasurer
 1. He shall keep records of the accounts of the Association and at the end of each financial year he shall organise the auditing of the accounts of the Association.
 2. He shall supervise the day to day expenditures of the association in conformity with the budgetary allocation.
3. He shall prepare the budget of the Association and place it before the Congress with the approval of the Executive Committee.

D) General Secretary
1. The General Secretary of the Association shall be responsible for the day-to-day administrative and executive functions.
2. With the permission of the President he shall call the Congress, ExCo Meeting, Emergency and Special Meeting.
3. In consultation with the President he shall execute all policy making decisions of the Association.
4. He may share any of his responsibility with the Joint Secretary under information to the President.
5. He shall keep records of the association and execute all other administrative responsibilities.
6. In conformity with the budgetary allocation he shall incur day-to-day expenses.

E)  Joint-Secretary
  In absence of the General Secretary the Joint Secretary shall be responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the association. In consultation with the President he shall also execute financial responsibilities, if the General Secretary stays out of the country and remains absent for more than a month.

( 6 ) 

Article-16 (Suspension of ExCo Member)
16.1 An official or member of the association shall be suspended if he remains absent in three consecutive meetings without valid reasons. But prior to taking final decision in the ExCo, a show-cause notice shall be served on him.
16.2  For immoral activities, misuse of power and convicted in the court of law a show-cause notice shall be served on him before executing the suspension.
16.3  Besides, a member shall be suspended due to expulsion, resignation and physical and mental incapability.

Article-17 (Tenure of office)
  The tenure of the Executive Committee of District Football Association shall be for 4 (four) years. The counting of the date shall be effective from the date of the new Executive Committee will take over.

  If the election of the new Executive Committee is not held within due time, an extension of 3 (three) months may be allowed to the existing committee by the ExCo with a prior permission of BFF to complete the election. But on the failure of organising the election during the extended period, the existing committee shall be deemed to have lost the legality to stay in office. In that circumstances Bangladesh Football Federation shall form an Interim Committee who shall organise the election within 90 (ninety) days.

Article-18 (Fund of the Association)
  All funds of the District Football Association shall be kept in one or more scheduled Bank.
  The bank account shall be operated jointly by any two of the following:
President, General Secretary and Treasurer.

Article-19 (Financial year)
  The financial year of the association shall be 1st July to 30th June.

Article-20 (Welfare Fund)
  The District Football Association shall organise a welfare fund for the distressed players and organisers. The association shall accumulate fund through organising charity football matches, exhibition and cultural events.

Article-21 (Laws and bye-laws)
  The District Football Association shall formulate necessary laws and bye-law in conformity with the statutes of FIFA, AFC and BFF. The bye-laws of league and other competitions has to be approved by BFF prior to start of the concerned competition.

( 7 )

Article-22 (Judicial Bodies)
a. As per the recommendation of FIFA, every District Football Association shall have a Judicial Body, consisting of Disciplinary Committee and Appeal Committee. The decisions of the Judicial bodies shall be binding on all concerned.
b. The Judicial bodies shall be formed with neutral persons. No member of the executive committee shall be included.
c. The Judicial bodies shall be consisted by one Chairman, one Vice-Chairman and three Members.
d. The Judicial bodies shall act in accordance with the disciplinary codes of the association and standing order of FIFA, AFC & BFF.
e. It is necessary that the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Judicial bodies shall have legal back-ground.
f.      The members of the Judicial bodies shall not be member of any other committee of the association.

Article-23 (Arbitration)
  The District Football Association shall have an Arbitration Tribunal which shall deal with all internal disputes between the Association, its members, players, officials that do not fall under the Jurisdiction of Judicial Bodies. The District Football Association shall form the Arbitration Tribunal and formulate its terms and references.

   District Football Association, its Member, Players, Officials and player’s agents will not take any dispute to Ordinary Courts unless specially provided for these statutes and FIFA regulations.

Article-24 (Misc.)
24.1  If any item not covered in these statutes, the Executive Committee of the Association shall decide on the matter.
24.2  If any dispute arises on the explanation and interpretation of any item of the Laws and bye-laws, the Executive Committee of the District Football Association shall give final verdict.

  The District Football Association shall ensure that discrimination of any kind against a country, private person or groups of people on account of ethnic origin, gender, language, religion, politics or any other reason is strictly prohibited and punishable by suspension and expulsion.

  The District Football Association shall comply fully with the statutes, regulations, directives and decisions of FIFA, AFC and BFF and it shall also ensure that these are also respected by its members.
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